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I am a dental technician with years of experience in orthodontics. I lead orthodontic laboratory ORTH since 2010 I work with doctors in Poland and abroad. Orthodontic appliances are made best quality materials from reputable companies such as Dentaurum, Ormco, Leone, Scheu. All work is carefully and precisely executed. In cooperation with the dental offices I depend on good communication and cooperation with your doctor. Constantly perfect their skills on the courses and trainings in Poland and abroad.
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On this page you will find photos of all types of appliances such as:

Removable appliances:
* Schwartz Appliance
* Twin Block
* Doppelplatte
* Block Appliance
* Klammt Appliance
* Frankl Appliance
* Metzelder Appliance
* M.O.A (Medium Opening Activator)
* Retention upper and lower Hawley
* Fixed retainer
* Kapa Tooth
* tooth denture
* Retainer of arc QCM
* Retainer Begg
* Q.C.M retainer
* Inman Aligner
* Elsaa Appliance
* Deprogramator Kois
* Camera HomeoblockTM since 03/10/2011
Work orthodontic thermoplastic:
* Invisible retainer
* Retainer Osamu
* Positioner
* Osamu Positioner
*Indirect Bonding
* Mouthguard
* Clear Aligner since 20/10/2011
Fixed appliances:
* Nance'a Arch
* Pendulum
* Pendex
* Hyrax (RPE)
* Haas Expander
* Fan Expander
* Quadhelix
* Goshgarian
* Bihelix
* Tongue Thrust Appliance
* Bluegrass roller
* Band and Loop Space Maintainer
* TPA palatal arch
* Jul bumper solder
* Prosthesis children soldered to the rings
* A.L.F. (Advanced Functional Lightwire) and modifications

Information on individual appliances and more pictures appliances can be found at Orthodontic Laboratory ORTH www.

licensed dental technician Anna Matysek